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6 tips for your spring skincare routine

Feeling inspired by budding blossoms and warmer mornings? Us too! Why not take advantage of the spring in your step and switch up your skin routine? From tossing out old products to choosing a lighter moisturiser, we’ve got your new season transition covered with these tips.

1. Spring clean your skincare shelf

Spring means out with the old, and at the top of our ‘out’ list are those products at the back of the bathroom shelf collecting dust. Do you know what that jar symbol on your products means? This is the period-after-opening symbol that tells you the number of months you can safely keep your product after opening it. It might be time to give that two-year-old moisturiser the boot and refresh your trusted trio of basics: cleanser, toner and moisturiser.

2. Lighten up

Springtime generally means lighter make-up. Fresh colours and minimal coverage allow your dewy summer skin to take centre stage. Switching to lighter cleansers will lightly grab away make-up and hydrate spring skin, without clogging pores or leaving a sticky residue, which can lead to unwanted breakouts. No thank you!

3. Buff away winter skin

Legs! Arms! They’re out! Maybe not just yet, but don’t forget to show them some love. As the weather gets warmer, your spring routine isn’t just about your face. Skincare all over your body helps you wave goodbye to dry, flaky winter skin in preparation for the start of summer. Use an exfoliating mitt in the shower and follow up with a moisturiser – apply immediately after towel drying for an extra hydration boost!

For your face skincare, the same rules apply. Get all the effects of a facial the easy way with an exfoliating face scrub, and buff away dead skin cells, which can leave spring skin looking a little dull. Ready. Set. Glow!

4. Moisturise more

Skin has been hiding. Necks and ears have snuggled under scarves and hats…until now! We so often forget these spots – but they can get really dry, dehydrated and irritated (especially from the friction of winter woollens).

Has your neck escaped from the polo neck at last? After exfoliating, moisturise one last time with a rich cream, then switch it out for a lighter non-comedogenic lotion for the new season.

5. Don’t skip the SPF in your spring skincare routine

Here comes the sun (hooray!), which means it’s time to up that SPF. OK, so we may seem a little eager – the season’s only just beginning, we know – but UVA and UVB filters can affect your skin through glass and clouds too. Make sure your SPF shields against skin-damaging UVA & UVB rays, pollution and blue (electronic) light. We have plenty to choose from in the clinic.

Now you’ve nailed the spring skincare basics!

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