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Lip Filler - Avoiding the Trout Pout

How much is the right amount?

When it comes to fillers, we’re dealing with very small quantities of product, so it’s easy to think you need more than you actually do. For an understated look, one syringe (equivalent to about 1ml) of filler is usually enough for one treatment. Yep, it really is that little! If you tell Laura that you’re after a subtle plump, she will know how much your lips need.
Another thing to keep in mind for natural lip fillers  is proportion. Here’s how the theory goes: to keep the lips balanced, the top lip should be smaller than the bottom lip, and there’s even a specific upper to lower lip ratio of 1:1.6 for ideal, natural-looking lips - this is called the golden ratio. If the upper and lower lips have the same fullness, or if this ratio is too out of whack, lips could risk looking ‘overdone’ and could cross the line into trout pout territory - no, thanks!

Be savvy about lip filler placement

Depending on the look you’re after, Laura will either focus the majority of the lip filler injections directly into the lips, or into the perimeter of the lips - called the vermillion borders. Where exactly the filler is placed will depend on Laura’s technique and the desired outcome. But, generally, injecting filler straight into the lips will create a fuller, plumper look, whereas focusing on the vermillion borders will give more definition and shape to the lips’ outline.
It’s important to note that, although treating the vermillion borders can give a more subtle, natural look, the corners of the mouth shouldn’t be injected because this can lead to the dreaded trout pout. Instead, the lips should taper at the corners. So, for slight lip enhancement without anything too pouty, you might want the emphasis of the filler to be on the borders - though, this isn’t to say that injecting straight into the lips will necessarily result in duck lips!

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