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ProfHilo has a hyaluronic-acid-based, gel-like formula that attracts water to the skin’s surface but, rather than sticking where it is injected, it spreads beneath the skin like honey – so it works throughout the tissues to lift, hydrate and re-contour. It does not add volume (unlike conventional filler), but it does ‘remodel’ the skin, propping it up and giving a youthful glow. 

How is it administered?

Five points on each side of the face, described by cosmetic surgeons to lend structural support to the facial feature (for example, the highest point of the cheekbone, the angle of the jaw and just in front of the ear), are measured and marked and a small syringe is used to inject the solution about 3mm beneath the skin’s surface (it takes around 10 seconds at each site). 

How does it feel?

It feels a bit like Botox, though perhaps slightly more stingy, but there is no need for anaesthetic.

What will I look like after the treatment? 

You will walk out with a slight swelling at the injection sites, but a day later it disappears. No exercise for the first 24 hours (in case of bruising) and avoid facials or facial massage for two weeks


The skin looks instantly tighter; a month later, following a second treatment, new collagen and elastin starts to become apparent; and by the time you have finished, your face will be looking lifted.

Price: £279 per treatment