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This is one of the most requested treatments at Nuvo Aesthetics and the results are amazing for skin laxity and hydration. During a no-obligation consultation our nurse will assess if this is the right treatment for you. We will carry out the treatment in-clinic. The clinic is ‘Save-Face®’ registered for your safety and peace of mind.

Prices start from £280

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ProfHilo® has a hyaluronic-acid-based, gel-like formula that attracts water to the skin’s surface but, rather than sticking where it is injected, it spreads beneath the skin like honey – so it works throughout the tissues to lift, hydrate and re-contour. It does not add volume (unlike conventional filler), but it does ‘remodel’ the skin, propping it up and giving a youthful glow.

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ProfHilo® is suitable for anyone who has noticed signs of ageing from skin laxity and fine lines will benefit from this treatment. It can be used to improve appearance of the skin on the:



Chest and décolletage




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Your ProfHilo® consultation will be with our nurse, who will assess your needs, suitability and determine if the treatment is appropriate. If the decision is taken to proceed with ProfHilo® treatment, we will be able to carry out the treatment in-clinic. The clinic is ‘Save-Face®’ registered for your safety and peace of mind.

Anaesthetic cream is applied to the skin to aid comfort during the procedure. ProfHilo® also contains local anaesthetic.

Five points on each side of the face, described by cosmetic surgeons to lend structural support to the facial feature (for example, the highest point of the cheekbone, the angle of the jaw and just in front of the ear), are measured and marked and a small syringe is used to inject the solution about 3mm beneath the skin’s surface (it takes around 10 seconds at each site).

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The skin looks instantly tighter. A month later, following a second treatment, new collagen and elastin starts to become apparent; and by the time you have finished, your face will be looking lifted. A further single treatment is required every 6 months to maintain the effect.

We can arrange a follow up appointment 4 weeks later if you would like your treatment reviewed. Please follow the aftercare advice for the best recovery and results.

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What can I expect after the treatment?

Treatment type: Injectable

Results last: 6 months approx.

Treatment time: 15 mins

Downtime: Minimal

Price: £280 per treatment

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