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ZO Skincare


At Nuvo Aesthetics, we are proud to be a stockist of Zo®. This is a scientifically proven skincare range as a result of 30 years of research by the world-famous Dr. Obagi. This prescription-only skincare range is coupled with a maintenance program to target a wide variety of skin conditions. It is a solution-focused line of skin treatments which is endorsed by dermatologists throughout the UK.

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How does it work?

ZO® skincare are medical products that have evidence to show their effectiveness. Medical products penetrate the skin layers and work on a cellular level, with powerful results. Anything you buy over the counter, however expensive it maybe, is not allowed to work on a cellular level by law.

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Who is it suitable for?

Anyone who has skin! If you already have good skin, we know of no better way to support and maintain healthy skin than by using ZO®. For problem skin such as acne-scarring, rosacea and pigmentation ZO ®is, in our opinion, unparalleled in delivering meaningful improvements however it may not be compatible with certain skin conditions, skin type or medication so a full skin consultation is essential.

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It takes approximately 6 weeks of using ZO products before the effects become visible; you will continue to see positive results as you carry on with the regimen. However, in some cases improvements can be seen in two weeks. It is important to note, that although the products will improve the visible signs of ageing, they do not stop the ageing process (as with any skin care brand).

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What can I expect after the treatment?

Treatment type: Skincare

Results last: On-going

Treatment time: Varies

Downtime: None

Price: Varies